Sober Living Homes in Ocala and Gainesville, Florida


Transitioning from Treatment to Recovery

Patients learn and grow so much in treatment. They are given the tools of recovery. Unfortunately many of them do not make it through the period of early recovery where day-to-day life starts happening around them again. Using a model that has had tremendous success, patients leaving treatment in both Gainesville and Ocala, now have a safe, clean, healthy environment to learn how to use the tools of recovery in day-to-day living.

These are not merely a half-way houses. Clients will receive gradually changing levels and modalities of services over their 6 month stay. They will slowly make the assimilation back to school or the workforce while transitioning through the often difficult period of early recovery. This is a model that exponentially increases the likelihood of a meaningful, happy, and long term recovery from the disease of addiction.

Some of the advantages of this treatment model include:

• clinical life coaching groups Monday through Friday
• weekly individual clinical appointment with a State Certified Addiction Professional
• 12 step guidance and monitoring to ensure healthy mentoring
• open communication with family and significant others
• random drug screens
• physical activity strongly encouraged and expected – gym memberships at both locations are included in fees
• central location, steps away from major county park and 12 step meetings in a safe, middle-class residential neighborhood

At Perspectives of Florida, we help guide our residents and clients down the path of sobriety, meeting their willingness in order to build real long-term recovery, all the while creating anew a sustainable and joyful life that is second to none. True prosperity is found in emotional balance, serenity, peace, and happiness, and helping our residents and clients achieve this is both our purpose, and our passion.