How to Make the Most Out of Sober Living

March 14, 2019

Early recovery is all about change. Making the decision to commit to sober living is a big step in early recovery. Sober Living homes are transitional living spaces created to provide safety, support and accountability for our new lives in recovery. The changes begin when we decide to live a clean and sober lifestyle. Many people attend detox or a residential program during the first days and weeks of sobriety. Sober Living offers support for the time period of transitioning from detox and treatment into our new sober lives. Essentially, sober living is an environment designed to support you in making the changes necessary to establish a foundation for long-term recovery. Here are a few tips for making the most of your time at Sober Living.

Establish a Morning Routine

There are so many changes occurring within a newly recovering individual, it is helpful to establish a routine and stability in our daily life. Start by establishing a routine of waking up in the morning at the same time each day. Many people enjoy taking 5-10 minutes in the morning to spend time reading recovery literature, taking time for prayer and meditation, and writing down their plan for the 24 hours ahead. Write down which recovery meeting you will attend and a few other recovery behaviors you plan to engage in that day.

Get Involved in Recovery Groups

Although the sober living home, staff and environment provide a great deal of support, it is important to establish a relationship with people who already have long-term recovery. The first step in getting involved is to attend a 12-step meeting like AA or NA. When you arrive at a new meeting or group, it can be easy to stick with the people you already know from you sober living home. While this support is helpful, it is so important to make friends and find a sponsor who has the lived experience of long-term recovery.  Ask for a phone list in the meeting and let people know you are new to the group. Reaching out and asking for phone numbers may feel awkward, but the payoff is well worth stepping outside your comfort zone. There’s a whole word of active people in recovery experiencing life. Get involved and be a part of!

Practice Healthy Communication

Living with a roommate or housemates may be an adjust for some in the recovery process, for a lot of us before we made the decision to get help, we were isolated and alone. At Perspectives, roommates and housemates are here to lift each other up and support one another. This support can come in many different forms and we encourage our clients to speak up for their needs. Effective communication can solve many of life’s problems, including those you may encounter at the house and can help strengthen the relationships we have in the program. Sober living offers the perfect environment to learn how to communicate with those we live with and are close to. This is one of the many benefits of entering a sober living program. Communication may take some practice but that is what we want you do, practice it and learn. These are valuable tools which can be applied in life outside the house and when one finishes the program.

Reach Out to Recovery Professionals

For many of us, having a trusted counselor or other helping professionals to talk to about all of the changes happening in early recovery is a crucial step to maintaining sobriety. At Perspectives Integrated Sober Living, we offer individual and group counseling, life skills, psychiatric support and comprehensive case management. This is designed to provide newly recovering individuals the support they need to make a successful transition into their new lives in recovery. We are here to support you and want to see you succeed.

We can help you or a loved one stop the vicious cycle of addiction right now.