Understanding the Benefits of

Comprehensive Case Management

April 16, 2019

Comprehensive case management is designed to support clients in treatment and recovery planning in all aspects of their lives including involvement with outside health services, community resources, addressing day-to-day issues, and aftercare planning and support. This type of case management offers several benefits to people working through addiction and people working to transitioning into their own life plan. 

Individualized Recovery Plans

Individualized recovery plans are created specific to each individual’s unique needs, history, strengths and challenges. The individual collaboratively works with a case manager to set immediate, short, and long-term goals. The case manager works with the individual to break down their goals into simple achievable steps. Each person in early recovery has a unique set of experiences, strengths and challenges that will be addressed to support them in accomplishing their goals.

Recovery Resources

For many people in early recovery, access to outside health and community resources will be important for establishing long-term recovery and achieving their individualized goals. Case managers have access to an abundance of health and community resources.  Some clients may need additional medical support from specialized care providers. Others may need career assistance, vocational rehabilitation and access to employment agencies. Regardless of the individualized needs of the client, as the client works with the case manager, they have access to a number of personally beneficial resources through working with the case manager. 

Advocate for Challenges

Another benefit to comprehensive case management, is that the individual has an advocate to work with through barriers that may arise, both internally and externally. Oftentimes, these internal and external barriers can create a sense of overwhelm for newly recovering individuals. The case manager continually offers resources with small actionable steps that the client can take to overcome the challenges that arise. Clients also have a qualified person who can help them navigate a number of external systems to help them continue to be successful in recovery.

Building Upon Strengths

As individuals learn to overcome challenges through the support of a case manager and achieving small actionable goals, it leads to an empowered individual who learns to navigate life in recovery. This also leads an individual to learn what they are capable of and how to apply recovery to their everyday lives. They are taught skills which allow them to be truly successful in their lives, whatever that looks like for them, personally. Through this type of support clients learn their strengths and how to fully utilize themas they are supported through their journey to become a productive and successful member of society.

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