Learning to Have Fun in

Early Recovery

June 13, 2019

For many people, learning to have fun in early recovery can seem like a scary or overwhelming process.  The thought of making new friends or enjoying activities without substances can bring up fear of the unknown.  For so many, the last time they remember having fun without substances was in childhood.  But many realize, that the fear is really just because it’s unfamiliar, and having fun in recovery is actually a blast!

As part of our sober living program, we take residents on a nature trip every three months.  The most recent trip we went to the west coast of Florida. These trips have become a favorite part of the program for both staff and clients because of the incredible growth that occurs through spending time in mother nature and having some good ole’ clean fun!

“It really was a great trip with a great group of people of all ages,” says Jack Chappell the founder of our sober living program and Executive Director of Perspectives. 

The trip included hiking on the beaches of Caladesi Island, picnics on pontoon boats out on the Gulf of Mexico, shelling, volleyball, football, and of course two family-style dinners.  One evening after dinner, the group spent time strolling around Tarpon Springs and stopped into Hellas Bakery which serves some of the best Greek Deserts you can imagine.

“One of the big takeaways for so many of our clients was that you really can have fun in sobriety,” Jack shares. He created this program and these trips specifically to help clients understand the power of community, learning to have fun, and also spending time in the healing power of nature.   

Perspectives sober living program is an ideal environment for individuals that need ongoing support and accountability with maintaining ongoing sobriety. With multiple options for truly personalized integrated treatment. We also understand that each person has unique strengths and challenges, therefore we cater their support and accountability to meet their individual needs.

We can help you or a loved one stop the vicious cycle of addiction right now.