Healthy Living

Nutrition & Exercise

Addressing the needs of the physical body is an important element of recovery from substance abuse and addiction.  While residents stay with us at our sober living programs, we support them in creating healthy habits surrounding nutrition and exercise through accountability, goal setting and education.


At our Sober Living Program regular exercise is strongly encouraged.  All residents receive a membership to a state-of-the-art gym which offers group fitness classes, yoga, weight training, and cardio equipment.  Daily support is provided in creating and maintaining healthy exercise habits.

Gym Membership Included

Group Fitness Classes

Weight Training, Cardio & Yoga


We support our residents in learning how to achieve proper nutrition in their diet through meal-planning, grocery shopping, and meal preparation. Every Friday Morning, each Sober Living House prepares a dish and we share a family meal, recipes, and fellowship.

We also have a nutritionist on staff to help clients who need added support with finding a healthy balance in their relationship with food.

Other Services

Intensive Outpatient

Outpatient group and individual sessions with our Certified Addiction Professionals include family groups, relapse prevention, and codependency support.  LEARN MORE

Sober Living Program

Sober living in a home-like, safe environment with gradually changing levels of support as they transition through the often-difficult period of recovery.  LEARN MORE


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At Perspectives, our goal is to make treatment available for those in need of substance abuse rehabilitation services.  We work with Medicaid, Medicaid HMO’s, private and commercial insurance policies to assist our clients in receiving the treatment they so desperately need. If you do not have insurance, please reach out to us and our staff will help you understand the various options for treatment. The admission process is simple, give us a call and someone from our program will be ready to assist you.


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