Outdoor Adventures

Recreation and outdoor adventures are a big part of the Perspectives Sober Living Program.  Spending time outdoors, in nature, provides an opportunity for healthy fun, healing and spiritual connection.

Every three months, residents at our Sober Living Programs go on an outdoor adventure to the Blue Ridge Mountains or the natural beaches on the west coast of Florida.  Adventure trips are a time where residents can have new experiences, connect with their inner child, build relationships with their support system and their Higher Power.

These trips have become an integral part of the Perspectives Sober Living and Integrated Treatment Program where staff, clients, and alumni come together to create memories and explore new ways of life in recovery. Nature teaches us about ourselves in ways that cannot be taught in a classroom or experienced in a typical therapy group.

Other Services

Intensive Outpatient

Outpatient group and individual sessions with our Certified Addiction Professionals include family groups, relapse prevention, and codependency support.  LEARN MORE

Sober Living Program

Sober living in a home-like, safe environment with gradually changing levels of support as they transition through the often-difficult period of recovery.  LEARN MORE


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